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"To innovate and cultivate growth of human factors and usability"

- Usabilathon Mission Statement

The Usabilathon is a platform to showcase and promote the field of human factors through active partnerships between academia and industry. Through this partnership, up-and-coming graduate professionals in Human Factors and in UX related fields get the opportunity to tackle real world client-driven problems. Over the course of the competition, participants design, iterate, and develop solutions to these pressing problems.


By participating in the Usabilathon, students showcase their skills to some of leading companies in the Human Factors/UX space. The Usabilathon team believes that the human factor is critical in designing, developing, and implementing any system. The Usabilathon was created to improve awareness of human factors in both traditional and nontraditional settings while providing an outlet for up and coming HF and UX professionals to showcase their skills and abilities.

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